Dale Allison, Minimalism and Mythicism

Dale Allison, Minimalism and Mythicism November 2, 2010

Loren Rosson reviews Dale Allison’s book Constructing Jesus. Here’s a quote from the conclusion of the review:

Constructing Jesus pounds the last nail in the coffin of minimalism. I’ve often said that it’s better to be a mythicist than a minimalist — the former at least don’t pretend to be able to construct a historical Jesus on the assumption that our sources are so untrustworthy; the latter (read: Jesus Seminarians) cut their own throats. But it’s even wiser to be a millenialist than a mythicist, because, as this book shows, our sources, while legendary, are more reliable than either mythicists or minimalists allow.

Also related to Jesus, Jim Davila shares links and some critical thoughts about a series on Christology on Beliefnet.

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