God, Geocentrism and Gravity-Denial

God, Geocentrism and Gravity-Denial November 16, 2010

Panda’s Thumb offers scientific evidence against geocentrism, with cool astronomy pictures that illustrate the point. And John Loftus shared a couple of videos about young-earth creationism, and why gravity-denial is a necessary corollary of it.

Many will say that the heart of the matter is whether God lied to humanity in the Bible. But that’s not the case at all. It is much easier to suggest that God accommodated the message in the Bible to what people could understand when it was written, or spoke in poetic rather than literal terms, or didn’t override the minds and understanding of the Bible’s authors when God inspired them, or perhaps didn’t even inspire the Bible at all, than to suggest that God lied and continues to lie to us through the evidence the universe itself provides. That seems far harder to make sense of. And that’s why historically, even before the modern era, educated Christians knew what today’s young-earth creationists resist: if the natural world and the Bible appear to be in conflict, it is the Bible that has to cede to nature, and not vice versa.

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