A Million Hits

A Million Hits December 21, 2010

Apparently someone wanted to be the millionth hit on Exploring Our Matrix very badly. Today I’ve had in excess of 10,000 hits so far, mostly on the post about the number of hits on the blog nearing a million.

I can just imagine someone spending the day clicking “refresh”…

Anyway, thanks for the early Christmas present, whoever you are!

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  • LOL, congrats! At the rate I'm going, it will be 2030 before I hit 1mil…

  • Not bad for a site with no Lady Gaga videos. So how is intelligent conversation about religion doing on the Internet? My fear is all the people with the time and know how to operate effective blogs are also social outcast, pariahs, paranoids, and/or chronic WoWC addicts and there religious views will reflect that. What do you think? (by the way, why does my spell check insist that internet be capitalized? I don't capitalize "railway" or "phone lines" is it a proper name or just that holy?)

  • The sacred Internet sounds like an interesting idea for speculative fiction. And that is relevant to your question, since I am pretty sure that I wouldn't have as wide a readership as I do if I didn't also post about sci-fi, evolution, and various other topics – although I'm sure that also costs me a few readers who only have time and interest to follow blogs related to a single area.I did post on Lady Gaga…once.

  • Anonymous

    I think it was Jim West.