Tom Verenna on Labels, Secularism, Faith, Scholarship, and More

Tom Verenna on Labels, Secularism, Faith, Scholarship, and More December 30, 2010

Tom Verenna has an interesting post that shares his own personal perspective on Biblical studies, carrying on conversation with many scholars and bloggers in the process.

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  • Anonymous

    Love this quote from the article (by Albert Schweitzer):“Jesus means something to our world because a mighty spiritual force streams forth from Him and flows through our time also. This fact can neither be shaken nor confirmed by any historical discovery. It is the solid foundation of Christianity.” The Quest for the Historical Jesus

  • Anonymous

    WT? Isn't Verenna the guy who calls himself Hawins over at the RRS and has posted You Tube videos all over attacking Christianity?Why, yes, he is.So is he now renouncing all that activity, of is this just a different facade?And, for that matter, isn't he still less than halfway through his undergrad studies?I would like to know if he is going to lecture us on Biblical Studies.A Theist

  • Anonymous

    Ah, I have it…its "Hawkins", Rook Hawkins.Scholar?A Theist

  • I don't know what your background with Tom is. But from what you wrote, it sounds like he has done what many in our day and age do, namely start interacting with very serious topics even as a teenager. That has advantages and disadvantages, I can say from experience. But one thing Tom also shows evidence of having done is grow and mature. His post shares how his thinking has changed, whereas most Internet debaters will do almost anything to avoid changing their mind. If your mind never changes, you aren't learning – it is as simple as that.Tom and I have had some less than pleasant interactions in the past. And so another thing that his recent blogging shows is that he is moving in the direction of increased rrspectfulness and politeness.from the little you wrote, Anonymous, it sounds like you might be someone who wants to keep playing on the sandbox and is angry that your frenemy is maturing and becomingn interested in more grown up pursuits. but it is hard to tell when you're anonymous. You may or may not be the same person who has showed up to make similar comments before. But let me suggest that you either discuss the actual content of Tom's post, or go back to hanging out in one of the anonymous debate corners of the Internet. Because when you behave like a troll and self-identify as "A Theist" you are simply making theism look bad. And so unless that is your aim, you might want to rethink your behavior.

  • ralfellis

    I would not trust anything Verenna says. Verenna makes reviews without reading the book, and writes with an agenda rather than with balance. And then when he is caught out with errors and lies, he hides behind censorship like a little child, and will not debate his mistakes.

    Tom Verenna biography:


    • Just because he disagrees with your problematic claims does not make him dishonest or agenda-driven in the way you claim. Having made claims that do not fit the evidence, you should not be surprised that even students of history will spot the problems and call you out on them.

      • REllis

        Disagreement is not the problem, CENSORSHIP is the problem. Verenna misunderstood almost every element in the book, and made up several elements that are not even in the book. But when this was pointed out to Verenna, he deleted all the posts and hid behind censorship, while spewing invective from behind his web-fortress.

        Sure, what Verenna was saying sounded like rubbish – BUT NOTHING HE SAID WAS ACTUALLY IN MY BOOK. Verenna’s review was a complete travesty. A joke. A Soviet show-trial. Or perhaps Verenna simply does not have the intellect to understand this book.

        And Verenna still lives behind censorship. He has been asked twice to debate the claims he made in public, but he will not. I said yes, with pleasure, but Verenna ran away. One assumes that Verenna cannot debate because he has no idea what he is talking about – as his so-called ‘review’ of my book clearly demonstrates.

        Until Verenna finally comes out from behind his web-fortress and has the courage and honesty to debate his wild claims in public, he will remain charlatan and a fraud.

        Ralph Ellis

        • Your issues with Tom Verenna are between you and him, and your trolling the internet looking for posts that mention him so that you can complain makes you seem at best childish and at worst mentally unstable.

          Your claims in your book seem to be absolute and utter bunk. I realize that will be hard for you to accept, but if you want to actually engage in historical study, you need to first learn how it is done. Merely using your imagination is not enough.