Evolution, Thinking and Rethinking around the Blogosphere

Evolution, Thinking and Rethinking around the Blogosphere January 4, 2011

Clayboy has a post on how what we already think determines how we interpret new information and evidence. Roger Olson’s post on theological biases explores similar territory.
Martin Marty points out how those Christians who most vocally oppose contemporary media and cultural trends are often simultaneously those who have bought into them the most.

C. J. O’Brien discusses the attribution of natural processes to God.
Jesus Creed continues its journey through Denis O. Lamoureux’s book, highlighting in this installment his responses to those who attempt to argue for the factuality of Adam, Eve and Noah by way of the New Testament.
Biologos has a post on Conor Cunningham’s book Darwin’s Pious Idea – a book I received in the mail recently and am looking forward to reviewing.
And the NCSE has shared the final segment of the 1981 debate between Ken Miller and Henry Morris. The starting question is a great one.

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