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Around the Blogosphere February 24, 2011

Apocryphicity points to an article by Allan J. Pantuck in Biblical Archaeology Review defending the authenticity of the Secret Gospel of Mark.

Remnant of Giants and AWOL point out that the Liddel-Scott-Jones Greek Lexicon is available online.

Joel Watts offers scriptural proof (from Jeremiah 31:35-36) that God would not break the laws of physics in creating – effectively disproving young-earth creationism from the Bible. Hurray!

Theomusings in SoCal follows in the footsteps of Rachel Held Evans (who is also mentioned at Jesus Creed), offering reflections on being a bad progressive and a bad evangelical. I should probably do so as well at some point.

Jim Davila shares an excerpt about Watson meeting St. Jerome.

Awilum links to an ongoing discussion about linguistics and dating of Biblical texts.

Derek Leman continues wrestling with the discrepancy between Mark and John on the dating of the crucifixion in relation to Passover.

Confessions of a Doubting Thomas has an image that I may use when I teach my class on Paul and the Early Church next semester:

The similarity to the description of him in the Acts of Paul is striking…

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