Rachel Held Evans’ Open Letter to the Open Letter

Rachel Held Evans’ Open Letter to the Open Letter March 4, 2011

Rachel Held Evans has written an open letter…to the genre of the open letter. Here’s how it begins:

Dear Open Letter,

Seeing as how we don’t actually know one another and personal letters don’t generate any blog traffic, I’ve decided to publicly air my grievances against you in a format that positions you as the powerful elite and me as the scrappy underdog willing to take you on.

I will begin with a backhanded compliment, thanking you for making it easy for bloggers like me to issue one-way rants against the people we don’t like while maintaining the appearance of a conversation. The compliment is just a formality intended to make me look generous. Don’t worry; things are about to get ugly.

Click through to read the rest. And don’t miss the reply from The Open Letter in the comments section!

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