I’m Going to Israel!

I’m Going to Israel! April 11, 2011
Israel Photos
Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor

I received the news just a few days ago that I have funding for a scouting trip to Israel for this summer. I’ll most likely go during June, prior to the international SBL meeting in London. If you’ll be in Israel this summer in the second half of June, let me know. Recommendations are still welcome for specific hotels that it would be good to stay at with students (the purpose of my trip is to prepare to take students on a short-term study abroad experience in the summer of 2012), particular places to visit that are less well known or obvious, or anything else helpful or encouraging! And thank you to everyone who offered suggestions in response to my earlier posts requesting input, which were helpful in preparing the grant request.

I may purchase an iPad 2 3G, and see whether it is possible to get some sort of short-term data plan in Israel, so as to use the device for blogging about the trip with photos and videos. This too is aimed at the longer term, travelling with students, since it will be important to have a way for families of students in other parts of the world to be kept informed about the trip, and hopefully their worries calmed. My one concern is that some indoor photos may be harder to take. Is there a “flash” app, not in the sense of one that will allow Macromedia Flash to work on an iPad, but one that will make a bright light to improve indoor picture taking?

Photo by Peter Nikolsky
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