Is This Cartoon Biblical?

Is This Cartoon Biblical? April 27, 2011

Rachel Held Evans has posted some “rules for engagement” that it would be great if all Christians followed in relation to the Bible. She also posted this cartoon…

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  • I need a Shepherd to lead me away from this confusion.

  • Anonymous

    Very good indeed. The author's points were a refreshing read. The last few especially were really good. We as Christians should use the Bible as our starting point and not our end. Brian

  • Thus E+J+P+D+Redactor = the bible. Authors of bible ~ inspiration from God ( ~ as in approximate). Some authors are more inspired than others. They are motivated by God, based upon their own interpretation, PLUS their own personal interests, to one degree or another.Can't remove the human part of the equation from the authorship.

  • Its interesting that Rachel relies on the Bible when it suits her.But I am seriously wondering about the great increase in blogs by "Anonymous Doubters" (and Rachel is obviously not in that class but she provides a platform for a lot of them)…and the reason is that a leader in the campus "Free"thought (i.e. Anti Theist) organzation bluntly told me that he has found the methods of the New Atheists to be counter productive and backfiring and that taking the approach of being a "doubter" (who in fact has no doubts about being against Christianity) is producing greater results.That was his claim, and that is what he told me, and I don't doubt it, especially when the blogger is TOTALLY anonymous and offers no verification whatsover.

  • Morrison, I think you may have meant to leave your comment under the previous post ("Birthers, Mythicists and Creationists"), which is on the topic of kooky conspiracy theories. 😉

  • Ouch… "rules of engagement"…"Bible as a proof-texting weapon of mass destruction"….reminds me of when I was working for DoD. How about including "probability of detection, identification", and "kill probability". Rules of engagement are used to tell you when you can and cannot kill people. Reminds me of people comparing football to war, and football players to warriors, etc. Seems like blogging on Christian subjects doesn't fit, unless you're riding a white horse and carrying a sword in your mouth (Now that I think about it, maybe I'm thinking of premillennial dispensationalists).