Latvian Sacred Music

Latvian Sacred Music April 23, 2011

Here are a couple of snippets of contemporary choral music by Latvian composers. Latvia has one of the richest and most remarkably vibrant cultures of choral singing I have ever encountered.

First, the only excerpt from Passion and Resurrection by Ēriks Ešenvalds which I managed to find on YouTube. I had the privilege of hearing the whole thing performed live during a visit to Latvia.

The second is from a composer who is slightly better known, Rihards Dubra. There are other compositions of his that I would recommend even more highly, but this one seems particularly fitting for the moment.

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  • So annoying that the words "Latvian Orthodox" will be forever associated with George Costanza for me…

  • That's a great episode. There are in fact very few Latvian Orthodox. There are substantial numbers of Orthodox Christians in Latvia, but most are Russian Orthodox. Latvian Orthodox is a relatively recent phenomenon, of people attracted to Orthodoxy from among the Latvian-speaking population.A Seinfeld Wikipedia entry is the second highest search engine result for "Latvian Orthodox" and the article says that the writer thought he had come up with a fictitious sect and only later learned that there is such a thing as Latvian Orthodox.Dubra is Catholic and Esenvalds is Baptist, if I'm not mistaken.I don't know if any of that helps you not think of George when you listen to this music, but I figured I should try…