Doctor Who: The Almost People

Doctor Who: The Almost People May 29, 2011

Loren Rosson has a spoiler-full review of the latest episode of Doctor Who. I have felt at a loss to know how to blog about it, but in what follows I’ll just post questions for those who have seen it.

If that isn’t you, stop reading now, unless you don’t mind finding out things that will absolutely, completely, utterly and thoroughly spoil what must be one of the greatest surprise twists in sci-fi television since LOST finished.

OK, presumably that warning was sufficient.

So here are my questions. First, when do you think Amy was taken? Presumably around nine months earlier, but when would that have been in terms of the show’s episodes?

Who do you think took her, and why?

If the girl we saw earlier in the series is Amy’s daughter, and she can regenerate, then who is the father?!?! Or if that isn’t the right question, then why does she have time lord traits?

Presumably causing a Ganger to lose its human form doesn’t kill the Flesh – and we had hints not only that the other Doctor may have survived that process somehow, but also that it was indeed that Doctor who was killed in the first episode. Or maybe they will switch places again, and we’ll be left with the Ganger Doctor from the end of this season onward? What would fans make of that? Either way, presumably this would mean that a Ganger of a time lord can regenerate, which is itself quite something.

What did you make of the episode? What questions do you have? Is Doctor Who becoming increasingly LOST-like, and if so, is that a good thing?

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