Harold Camping Rap Tour 2011

Harold Camping Rap Tour 2011 May 24, 2011

Hope you enjoyed my attempt at photoshop humor. Either way, here are some links to other blogs that have been discussing Harold Camping in general, or specifically his latest rescheduling of the Rapture for October. Or is it rap tour? Does it really matter?

Jasob Boyett, “Harold Camping: Invisible Judgment Day
Wheat Among Tares, “Camping Not Giving Up the Ghost
Homebrewed Christianity, “Hangover: Waking Up From The Rapture
Religion Nerd, “The Nonapocalypse as Postmodern Ritual
DoOrDoNot, “The Return of Harold Camping
Phil Plait, “Unraptured, Part II: The Rationalizationing
Bene Diction Blogs On, “Harold Camping Unrepentant

John Shuck, “Rapture in Johnson City
Unreasonable Faith, “Third Time’s A Charm
PZ Myers, “Wrong, root and branch; wrong at every cell and molecule; wrong to the core
Jim West, “Camping’s Latest Foolish ‘Prediction’: October 21
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