Rapture ‘Round the Blogosphere

Rapture ‘Round the Blogosphere May 20, 2011

There are so many posts about Harold Camping and his (latest) prediction, and about Rapture prediction in general, around the blogs that I read, that I feel like I ought to link to some of them.

Rachel Held Evans blogs about the Great Disappointment, as does Marc Cortez.

Scott Bailey posts about the piece in the New York Times about family strife created in families as a result of Camping’s prediction. He also offers Rapture pranks, a flow chart, and a round-up.

Jason Staples blogs about a misinterpreted Bible passage often connected with the Rapture.

Darrell Pursiful shares a suggestion that selling all and giving to the poor, or hosting a final meal for those in need, might have been more appropriate ways of getting a more appropriate message out, from a Christian perspective. With all the money they have received in recent years they could have made a real difference. Darrell has also made plans for Sunday.

Peter Kirk asks whether we’ll be naked like Elijah and/or Marie Antoinette, when the Rapture happens.

Steve Thorngate surveys the variety of end-times believer.

Andy Byers remembers 1988.

Chris Lisee charts the end of days. Tim LaHaye is also thinking about the end times.

Excavating Truth discusses the interpretation of apocalyptic literature in general and Daniel in particular.

Joel Watts offers live streaming of the Rapture and humorous church signs (originally from Ted Troxell. Joel also discusses whether Harold Camping is a “Bible scholar”.

Chris Smith mentions that 20% of Americans believe Jesus will return in their lifetime (and offers them a cartoon).

Even astronomers are talking about this. Lorenzo di Tommaso discusses secular apocalypses.

Also somewhat related, Michael Barber shares a heavenly surprise for Stephen Hawking.

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