Founder to Speak at SBL Founder to Speak at SBL June 1, 2011

Chris Brady announced the news on his blog Targuman that Dr. Richard Price, founder and CEO of, will speak at the Blogging and Online Publication session at SBL in November. His presentation’s title will be “ The Past, Present, and Future of Scholarly Social Networking.” Click through for more information.

Have you used Have you found it useful? I know from my own experience of collaborating on projects with people in other parts of the country/world, social networking has profoundly impacted and improved the way we do things. Other technologies have as well. I recently needed to address publisher queries about references in an edited volume, and there were only a minuscule number that I could not verify either by tracking down a local copy through online catalogs or even simply via the preview on Google Books. It was incredible, particularly in contrast to how the process would have gone before such technology was available.

How has social networking or other technology impacted the way you live, work, research, and just generally interact with other people?

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