Biblical Literalism and Science are an Explosive Mix

Biblical Literalism and Science are an Explosive Mix June 7, 2011

The following cartoon was shared today by Unreasonable Faith and then by Scotteriology (with a twist):

Far worse than combining Biblical literalism with science is combining religious faith with scientific ignorance, as in the example below from Facebook which came via P. Z. Myers:

For an impressive example of the sun’s power on display today, see the video Phil Plait shared. And if that radiation reaches earth, it might lead to people singing this song.

A concluding note: if, having had your fill of humor, you would like a more serious discussion of inerrancy, literalism, and authority, then Joel Watts has a good post on the topic. Here’s a sample:

Either the Text has Authority, or it does not. If it does, then it can be questioned without it becoming a house of cards, dependent upon one interpretation or another.

In the end, it is not the infallibility of the Scriptures which we are defending, but our own.

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