Congratulations to Joel Watts!

Congratulations to Joel Watts! June 14, 2011

One reliable sign that a blogger is taking a stand for truth and open to following the evidence where it leads is when a negative post about them appears at Answers in Genesis. Joel Watts has now had this honor. Keep up the good work! Joel and Rod already have responses and comments posted.

I love that AiG’s “refutation” of his point about unicorns is a link to their earlier article that inspired Joel to comment on the subject in the first place.

Elsewhere around the blogosphere, Mike Beidler addresses the issue of a mythological Adam.

Rachel Held Evans talks about false fundamentals.

David Hayward illustrates what happens when you ask for an answer:

RJS continues blogging about Joel Green’s book on being human.

Pete Enns wrapped up a series on evolution and Christian theological traditions at BioLogos.

Kristen Swenson blogs about the perils of Bible reading.

Adrian Worsfold explains why you shouldn’t get into a Star Trek transporter.

Charles Halton shares a classic bit of publishing wit (why a publisher might opt not to accept certain classic manuscripts if it were sent them today).

Jesus Creed shares some charts about e-book readers and some Barna results on technology use, while This Lamp offers a review of the Barnes and Noble Nook 2nd edition.

Alin Suciu blogs about two new fragments by Isaiah of Scetis.

Zev Garber has an article in The Bible and Interpretation about the Jewish Jesus.

Is there an emerging consensus regarding the Secret Gospel of Mark?

Via AMIR, hell is online, and we’re reminded about an issue of <i>Oral Tradition</i> related to Biblical studies.

Finally, Peter Kirk and That Jeff Carter have responses to my Harmonizing Judas meme. They don’t have to be in the sci-fi, genre, although I like the ones that have been so far! Time travel helps a lot!

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