The Biblioblog Top 10 (May 2011)

The Biblioblog Top 10 (May 2011) June 4, 2011

Thanks to Daniel McClellan for posting the Top 10 Biblioblogs by vote for this past month, and thank you to everyone who voted for Exploring Our Matrix, which came in #1 again! Thanks for following the blog to its new location!

A newcomer to the top 10, right there at the bottom, is Jim West. Having been bumped from the #1 position on the top 50 list, it is interesting to see his blog appear in the top 10 by vote for the first time. Whether he can become #1 is another matter. People often won’t vote for you if you take candid photos of them at Wal*Mart and post them on your blog, or call them totally depraved all the time, or stuff like that.  And so that could present an insurmountable hurdle, should Jim wish to try to become #1 on this list.

To quote the new #1 blogger in the Top 50:  Just sayin’

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