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Around the Blogosphere July 17, 2011

P. Z. Myers shared this image indicating the status of the United States as a statistical outlier in at least one important respect (originally from Calamities of Nature):

Alison Campbell tries to clear up the ongoing confusion about fact and theory.

John Shuck shared some challenging thoughts inspired by Don Cupitt on solar living (and I was struck by both the similarities and the stark contrast between Cupitt’s message and this summary of the essence of Christianity by the famous Romanian Orthodox theologian Dumitru Stăniloae).

Austin Roberts discusses theologians Jürgen Moltmann and John Cobb.

While Scott Bailey, Joel Watts and Gavin Rumney defend historical critical scholarship, Peter Kirk has become so delusional that he even calls Rudolf Bultmann a “second rate scholar.”

David Lamb has Biblical trash talk about Ba’al’s bowel movements.

Randal Rauser describes a struggle to communicate with a fundamentalist about Harry Potter.

Rod of Alexandria, at least partly inspired by a book review I wrote, discusses whether science fiction and the post-colonial can co-exist.

Like a Child discusses parenting through doubt.

Máire Byrne has tidied up her blog roll.

Michael E. Smith warns about bogus conferences.

Jeffrey Small discusses myth, history, literalism and the Bible.

John Hobbins shares a suggestion for criteria for inclusion in the Biblioblog Reference Library, as well as a pdf of an interview with John Polkinghorne.

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