Bart Ehrman on Mythicism

Bart Ehrman on Mythicism July 27, 2011

As many of you will be aware, Bart Ehrman is working on an ebook about mythicism.

If you would like a foretaste, here is a radio interview on YouTube with Bart Ehrman on the subject, in which the host Reginald Finley tries to suggest mythicism might have some plausibility to it, and digs himself deeper and deeper into a hole as Ehrman shows up Finley’s ignorance on the topic and refuses to allow him to simply raise doubts without addressing the topic and the evidence in a serious historical manner.

As might be expected, mythicists are happy about this. Earl Doherty writes, “Great. Finally something that will give mythicism a shot in the arm. After all, if someone like Bart Ehrman feels the necessity to take it on, that implies a certain degree of legitimacy. It can no longer be dismissed as a fringe crackpot theory not worthy of mainstream scholarship’s attention.”

Sigh. Just like creationists.

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