Can An Evangelical Christian Accept Evolution?

Can An Evangelical Christian Accept Evolution? July 27, 2011

The blog Questioning Answers in Genesis posted about the fact that there is a need for presentations of the evidence for evolution which treat those who do not yet accept it with respect, and do not merely present the evidence but also address the objections that circulate among such detractors, patiently explaining why such objections are wrong or off target. I know that scientists doing just that were instrumental in changing my own mind from being an adherent of young-earth creationism to accepting mainstream science. And so I think this is indeed an important point.

That post recommends a video series by Dennis Venema, and having read posts by Venema and listened to a bit of the first part of the video (it is a twelve-part series), I thought I would share it. If you are a person who rejects mainstream biology, I would encourage you to watch the whole thing, and if you still find yourself unable to embrace mainstream science’s conclusions, I would be interested to know why.

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