Intelligent Design Can Leave You Scarred For Life

Intelligent Design Can Leave You Scarred For Life July 24, 2011

Many of us know that movements like intelligent design, and even more so young-earth creationism, can leave their adherents scarred for life if they eventually discover the extent to which they have been lied to and misled by proponents of these ideologies. But probably no such person will be scarred for life as this one.

Arni Zechariassen shared the photo above of an “irreducibly complex” tattoo. What will happen if he reads Howard van TilKen Miller or Nick Matzke? I suppose the good news is that the tattoo can work well as a testament to the wonder of the natural order – and still as a pointer God, if one thinks in those terms – even without the misinformation propagated by proponents of Intelligent Design. So if he ever gets exposed to accurate scientific information, he’ll be glad he got this tattoo rather than a picture of Denyse O’Leary.

Jim Kidder shared some other cartoons centered on the idea of “teaching the controversy” and letting students decide.

The last one actually made me wonder whether it might not be useful to focus more on flat-earthism when dealing with this subject. After all, couldn’t someone with the view that the earth is flat simply say that God in his providence brings those who seek to circumnavigate the earth, and even light, from one edge to the other? As long as you are willing to introduce miracles to avoid a more obvious interpretation of the evidence, then not only intelligent design, nor even young-earth creationism, but even a flat earth can be embraced and pesky counter-evidence can be neutralized. And if someone is not happy doing so to defend the literal meaning of certain flat earth or geocentric texts, then they should ask themselves why they are willing to do it for their own preferred view.

Also related to this topic, IO9 shared a piece on how flaws in diamonds help us trace the history of the earth. Diamonds are not a creationist’s best friend – but when they get wind of this aspect of the evidence, will they say that God made all diamonds around the world this way in order to deceive us, or will they say that diamonds were made by Satan?

Also related:  Ted Herrlich blogged about Texas and the Discovery Institute, and an update on Texas. Jen McCreight blogged about the neutral theory of evolution as part of her blog-a-thon. Larry Moran shares how even a deaddog can tackle cdesign proponentsists. Horace Jeffery Hodges asks about the genre of the creation account(s) in Genesis. And Scott Hatfield has been busy teaching.

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