Pythonesque Optimism

Pythonesque Optimism August 15, 2011

I discovered the blog Geeks of Doom yesterday. It included this T-shirt image that all fans of Monty Python will understand and enjoy. While a few of you may actually want to get the T-shirt, I suspect that even those who don’t will want to share the image.

Also from that site is a lot more to enjoy, including a T-shirt for Mordor University. And also in the realm of Monty Python, Jim West blogged about the Holy Flying Circus.

More broadly of geek interest around the blogosphere, IO9 reminded us of the time Superman turned into Satan, John Wilkins and Micky Haist blogged about Rise of the Planet of the Apes, the Sci-Fi Catholic blogged about Christians and fantasy, and Daniel Kirk discussed marriage with an insight from The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell. Kevin DeYoung offered ten commandments for blog commenters that mix conservative Evangelical Christianity and Star Wars (HT Marc Cortez). And Amanda Mac blogged about sci-fi and fantasy “resurrections” – those characters who seemed to have died, did die or were “mostly dead” and yet still managed to come back for later episodes.

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