Religion and Science Fiction: Now Available for Kindle!

Religion and Science Fiction: Now Available for Kindle! August 26, 2011

I just received word that Religion and Science Fiction is now available for Kindle through

The price for the Kindle edition is almost as low as the discounted price for which you can still get the print edition until the end of this month, via the publisher’s web site. Use the discount coupon code RASF during checkout to receive 40% off. That offer expires 8/31/2011 – in other words, in only a few days from now. So if you prefer to have it in paperback at a 40% discount, you need to act quickly! The Kindle price, I assume, will remain the same for the foreseeable future.

Also check out the blog review that is underway at Cheese-Wearing Theology. Amanda MacInnis has blogged through two chapters from the book so far, in the following posts:

Mis-Reading Star Trek? Exploring Danna’s Chapter in ‘Religion and Science Fiction’

From Dr. Frankenstein to Topher Brink

If any of you get Religion and Science Fiction for the Kindle, let me know how it looks on that device!

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