The Miss USA Contestants on Evolution

The Miss USA Contestants on Evolution August 12, 2011

A colleague of mine in biology shared this video, which brings together all the Miss USA contestants’ answers to the question “Should evolution be taught in schools.”

The contestant from my own state of Indiana, Jillian Wunderlich, speaks at the 4:25 mark. Although on the one hand I am dismayed by her lack of knowledge on the subject, in some ways her admission of ignorance and deferral of the decision to others is better than what many of the contestants did, which was try to offer a definitive answer regarding a subject about which they are clearly not well informed.

Also relevant, the NCSE has shared videos from the Texas school board deliberations about supplementary materials on evolution, the British Center for Science Education looks at the fundamentals of creationism, Ted Herrlich notes the Discovery Institute’s disinterest in scientists harassed or dismissed by Christian schools because of their acceptance of evolution, and Arni Zachariassen shared a letter (images as well as transcription) to Charles Darwin from his wife, to which he later added a postscript saying that he had kissed and cried over it many times.

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