Darth Vader Will Be Punished In The Afterlife After All (and other matters of religion and science fiction)

Darth Vader Will Be Punished In The Afterlife After All (and other matters of religion and science fiction) September 1, 2011

As the Sci-Fi Catholic reports, George Lucas is intervening in the Star Wars universe again to inflict punishment on Darth Vader much as he has done to YodaIO9 describes it as Darth Vader “losing a little more of his dignity.”

Also in the realm of religion and science fiction, and more specifically the justice of Vader’s fate, Unreasonable Faith interacted with my post about redemption in sci-fi. So the question now becomes whether Lucas’ torturing of Vader (and potentially us as well) can ever make up for the harm he did to the galaxy.

Gabriel McKee discussed “Let’s Kill Hitler” and what can eventually be done about Hitler who has been left in the closet.

Randall Rauser discussed extraterrestrials, salvation and God.

And in “sci-fi becoming science and intersecting with religion” news, several bloggers mentioned the conversation between two chatbots, but Jerry Coyne was the first to point out that they end up talking about theology!

Religion Nerd notes developments in the real world related to Battlestar Galactica religion.

And on an unrelated note, except inasmuch as it relates to the site this blog post is on, congratulations to Patheos for having reached a million monthly visits!

To those waiting for the Biblical Studies Carnival, it is timed to appear in a matter of hours. Let the final countdown begin!

UPDATE: Here are two more related posts I neglected to include: Steve Davidson explained why he considered religion and science fiction a match made neither in heaven nor the laboratory. Thom Stark blogged about Batwoman’s lesbianism.

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