Doctor Who and Mrs…Who?

Doctor Who and Mrs…Who? September 28, 2011

The upcoming episode of Doctor Who, “The Wedding of River Song,” will be the season finale. The biggest question that people are asking is “Who will she marry?” and “Will it be the Doctor?

Someone on Reddit noticed some similarities between a scene in “The Impossible Astronaut” and a wedding:

Invitations were sent out, and the Doctor and River Song, dressed in white, stand on a beach while their friends look on, and her “veil” is lifted back…

Of course, this is Doctor Who, and so to the extent that this resembles a wedding (with the suit-wearing Silence as groomsmen?) it a very weird one indeed.

A lot of pointers suggest that the Doctor and River do indeed marry at some point. When he asked her if she was married, her answer seemed to indicate as much. And when she said she dreamed of marrying him one day, he later told her that he would indeed do just that.

This could create a problem for any future attempts to bring the Doctor into contact with his earlier regenerations, in view of the fact that the Doctor doesn’t seem to have known her before the first encounter in the David Tennant era. Then again, up until now the fact that they may be married doesn’t seem to have resulted in them doing anything more than meeting up from time to time.

As for who I would have hoped would get an invitation to the wedding, and who deserved to, it would definitely be this person more than anyone else:

But I’d settle for a story line in which Susan turns out to be the grandchild of the Doctor and River Song, and that she is eventually sent back in time to be raised by the Doctor’s earlier self, whether intentionally in order to protect her from some danger, or by accident.

Then again, the show has recently been emphasizing the possibility of time being rewritten, and so the possibility that what has happened on the show up until now will turn out not to have happened at all, or will have happened differently, is always an option. And if nothing else, talking about such transformations gives me the excuse to share this picture…

What do you think will happen in “The Wedding of River Song”?

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