Religious Information in a Digital Age (Bizarro Perspectives)

Religious Information in a Digital Age (Bizarro Perspectives) October 19, 2011

I find the approach many students take to the quest for reliable information mirrored in today’s Bizarro comic:

The tendency is to go where Google searches direct you, to where the flashy advertising leads:

In an age of advertising, it can be difficult to choose between the various things that one is told.

One may end up surrounded by an incredible amount of information, available at the touch of a button, and yet not know what to do to make sure that the really important information (or people) to get through…

And if we do encounter important information, we may well misunderstand or misinterpret it.

And when the discussions end up becoming mere shouting matches, even those who are almost certainly correct may start to look little different than their opponents, confusing matters for onlookers.

Is there anything more that one can do than put their perspective out there, perhaps also taking pains to explain why they consider their perspective worth listening to, and then hope for the best?

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