Religious Believers and Science Fiction Nerds around the Blogosphere

Religious Believers and Science Fiction Nerds around the Blogosphere October 4, 2011

First, let me share this great video again on the parallel phenomena of religious fundamentalism and nerdiness:

I felt compelled to share the video, since I have been having a conversation on Facebook with a Whovian fundamentalist whose canon includes the 1996 special but rejects the current series. The fan in question also rejects my comparison of his stance to religious fundamentalism.

The Oncoming HopeInter-Galaxy Portal and Fat Train have reflected on the season finale of the last season of Doctor Who. What I still want to know is why the Doctor was wearing a tuxedo in “Let’s Kill Hitler.”

Several bloggers have mentioned the piece on the relevance of alien life to Christian theology (or whether Klingons can be saved).

Unreasonable Faith and Homebrewed Christianity mentioned my blog post about progressive Christianity.

Rod and Joel complained about the dangerous mistreatment of the Bible by young-earth creationists. Randall Rauser explained why you can’t take the whole Bible literally, and also addressed quote-mining.

John Byron posted something I had been thinking since I saw the survey results of what people think they want from Bible translations. Here’s how John put it: “So what does this mean? That people know even less about how Bibles are translated than they do what their Bible says.”

Last but far from least, don’t miss Tom Verenna’s announcement that a scary Biblical Studies Carnival is lined up for October. The Dunedin School blog has returned just in time!

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