Cylon Resurrection and More from the Last Day #AARSBL #SBLAAR

Cylon Resurrection and More from the Last Day #AARSBL #SBLAAR November 22, 2011

If you didn’t get a copy of Religion and Science Fiction at AAR/SBL, one of the people you can blame is Jim Linville, who apparently was one of those who snatched up a copy. But when it inspired him to make this LOLcat image, I don’t think anyone can be mad at him, or indeed anything but appreciative…

It was great seeing Jim again at the bibliobloggers’ gathering and meeting Jim’s wife Mary. I was also glad to meet many people for the first time face to face, in random places, such as Deane Galbraith.

Although there is some room for improvement (include the map of where the conference venues are in relationship to one another and the meanings of the abbreviations), the iPad app for the conference was fantastically useful.

I managed to squeeze in one last session this morning – Intertextuality in the New Testament. Lori Baron’s paper on the Johannine commandment, Deuteronomy, the Shema and Christology was really fascinating.

Joel Watts was one of the few who persisted in live-blogging through the conference. Why is it that I can have working free wi-fi courtesy of American Express here at San Francisco International Airport, but in the Moscone conference center what was available was so slow as to be almost useless?

If you saw famous bloggers at the conference and are wondering how to become one yourself, Danut Manastireanu shared this flow chart explaining how to become a famous blogger:

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