The Reason for the Season (A Scientific Perspective)

The Reason for the Season (A Scientific Perspective) November 27, 2011

HT Joe Hoffmann

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  • cameronhorsburgh

    That’s twice you’ve done that to me today, James. I’ve had a couple of great ideas for provocative Facebook updates, and both times you’ve found and posted images with much the same point. There was this one, and the ‘Keep Chi in Χmas’ one you posted earlier.

    Although that one was going to be something like, ‘Let’s see how many Χians get upset with the way I spell Χmas!’

  • Gary

    And the reason for the ice age? 2nd order effect, wobble? Doom in 40,000 years, unless we “global warm” ourselves. Santa Claus and the raindeer would be happy.

  • steph

    Hat tip?  Yeah right.  “Honest Jethro, I thought I’d never stop laughing.”  Reeeeally clever eh.  Pathetic.  NAz try and spoil everyone’s Chrissy eh.

  • Is this a case of “great minds think alike” or “What’s wrong with the two of them?” 🙂  Glad you’ve found them enjoyable – it seems like a whole bunch of great images came my way this weekend!

    • steph

      I didn’t and neither did the tipper.  This is the only image I have seen here though – I followed the link.  It’s the typically unfunny ‘joke’ on believers made up by ever unimaginative unbelievers, of the type who install environmental eyesores in the middle of busy highways in the form of billboards… :p

      It’s Christmas – it’s a tradition, maybe not as old as other traditions, but a tradition, so live with it.  Make it religious, make it consumerist, make it a day for the beach, but don’t mock it.  That’s boring.

      • Artor

        You mean those billboards about the Rapture that are still up some places? The dozens inviting me to come to this church or that, with some infuriatingly vapid message? Those environmental eyesores?
        Personally, I prefer to see knowledge being spread, rather than ignorance & superstition.

  • Hi Steph! I think that if anyone finds this image challenging or offensive to their faith, they are misunderstanding the nature of science, or religion, or both. I can’t image that what Christians mean by “the reason for the season” is really countered by this. 

    It is a bit like the cute bunnies and creationism image that I shared: – the question of whether science is accurately putting the puzzle together regarding our understanding of the world is at odds with some sorts of religion, but it is clearly also possible to approach the matter differently, and say that the picture of a duck is in fact the box cover and thus the solution for a different puzzle.