Kindle Books as Gifts (and Interesting Information about Amazon)

Kindle Books as Gifts (and Interesting Information about Amazon) December 6, 2011

I was browsing on today when I noticed that it is possible to give a Kindle book as a gift.

As someone who wonders about the appropriateness of sending electronic greeting cards and the like, I also wonder about the giving of electronic gifts.

In this high tech era we live in, would you be happy if, on Christmas morning, instead of finding a book wrapped in paper under the tree, you found a book synced automatically to your Kindle, which someone had bought for you?

Presumably there is a system of notifying a person that they have received such a gift. Otherwise, they might open presents and do other things on Christmas, and not even notice their gift until later.

What do you think? How do you feel about the idea of getting a Kindle book as a gift? Have you ever received or given such a gift?

And of course, if you consider it appropriate, then click on this sentence for a gift idea! 🙂

While on the subject of, here is some information I had drawn to my attention a while back, which I thought worth sharing…

Amazon Infographic


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  • is this your way of saying that you are going to give me ken ham’s book on Christmas?

  • Have I really given you the impression that I dislike you that much?

  • hahahahha. Geesh, I hope no one dislikes me that much!