Who are you, and how many of you are there?

Who are you, and how many of you are there? December 23, 2011

Because the most regular readers are presumably those who subscribe to the RSS feed, and thus who may read the content at Exploring Our Matrix far more often than they visit the site, I have no way of knowing exactly how many people actually read this blog on a regular basis. And so I thought it would be fun and interesting if once, just this once, every single regular reader could come here and leave a comment, even if anonymously. It would be great to find out a little about yourself, if you’d be happy to introduce yourself. But even just a quick “hello” would be informative.

It has been such a delight and an encouragement when I have heard from readers of this blog in the past, whether the regular commenters or the lurkers, and whether in comments or via e-mail. So please do stop by and say hello!

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  • Erp

    Shalom from one of your humanist readers.

  • notpmoc84

    I’m a regular reader from northern CA, 2nd year college student for Computer engineering.  I’m somewhere between Christian and Agnostic.

  • Brian

    I read every day. I’m a New England Lutheran and Trekkie of old. And if the RSS feed continues truncating posts, I’ll either visit the site more or read the content less.

  • I follow the feed daily – I’m from near Chicago, Catholic and a total sci-fi lover: Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, and lots more. 

  • Heather

    I am a regular reader who enjoys your informative blogs, mix of topics, and your fabulous sense of humor.  

  • Love your blog.  Thanks for all you do.

  • Hey.

  • Mel Schriver

    You post … I read (except the Dr Who stuff, there are some cups of Koolaid I refuse to drink) 

  • Its just me 😛 Father of 2, in New Zealand, married to an american. Cyclist, motorcyclist, bass player, and worker in Christian Broadcasting doing IT.

  • Just Sayin’

    What’s an RSS feed? 🙂

  • Bob MacDonald

    Good move – should be an annual meme. I, like you, have children who are musicians. I see you are using share again – I maybe should come off the aggregator more often. 

  • Hi, James,

    I read your blog daily; actually, I usually check it a couple of times a day.  Although I’m a graduate of a conservative seminary (Oral Roberts University), I have evolved into a liberal Christian pantheist.

    I love your blog:  your ideas, your writing style, your humor, and the cordial tone of your posts, even when writing about those with whom you disagree (especially the Jesus mythicists).  Thanks for providing us all with an educational and entertaining blog.  Merry Christmas!

  • Just checking in. Regular reader.

  • I read pretty much everything you post, though often through Google Reader. From Victoria, Canada

  • Dan McClellan

    I’m a certified massage therapist and an award winning cartoonist, but you might know me better as Dan McClellan.

    By the way, James, is your book available in paperback?

  • Destebanjr

    Hey James…. I’m a Christian, father of three, from Bolivia living in England… read most new posts… just glad you’ve stopped posting about Lost….

  • Jessica

    Doctoral student in systematic theo. I really enjoy sci-fi, so your blog was a pleasant addition to my rounds of the theology “blogosphere.”

  • Chris Sissons

    Hello – it’s very late and I’m away for Christmas tomorrow and so have no time to type much.  Suggest you try this again when it’s not Christmas!

  • aar9n

    My names Aaron, I’m an “post-evangelical” Christian who leans toward liturgical emerging churches in the Episcopal and ELCA denominations. I’m also soon going to be training to be an Air Force pilot. 🙂
    In my ever decreasing spare time I love studying church history, Christian theology, the bible (critically as well as devotionally) and eating buffalo wild wings.

    I also love Star Wars.

  • Gary

    Hello. I don’t do RSS feeds…don’t even know what they are. I’m technical, but old guys don’t text….can’t see that good, and can’t punch little keys, and don’t want to. Hate facebook, since I don’t have any friends, but that’s OK, since I don’t want any friends. All my friends are dead. And I like Monty Python, but I find Star Wars rather boring…Star Trek was much better. Actually, Twilight Zone was even better. I find that religion and science have to be compatible, otherwise that particular religion must go. And God is a better scientist than Stephen Hawking, and Stephen Hawking is a better scientist than Dawkins.

  • Brant

    I’m Brant. There’s one of me…

    …in this universe, anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Lutheran seminarian.  Rock on.

  • Walter

    Deist here. Been lurking around here for a few years.

  • Jason Coleman

    Hello, I’m Jason, a thirty-something software guy from Baltimore, MD. I’ve been reading via RSS for three or four years now. Your blog is where I first internalized the idea that disagreeing with my evangelical church on some issues is a sign that I *do* take the Bible seriously, rather than a sign that I don’t. Thank you for that.

  • OK, since you ask … I read you regularly via Google Reader.

  • Hi!

    I’m Matt, former youth worker at a church, current grad student at the University of California in Santa Barbara at the school of education.

  • Hello James

    I’m Beau, a regular reader (and occasional commenter). I have “Exploring Our Matrix” bookmarked in my browser.

  • jasonhammer


  • cameronhorsburgh

    Cameron, an Australian Salvation Army officer with aspirations to post-grad theology work down the line. I generally read this blog through Google reader and click through if I want to read/join in the comments.

  • A.

    a theology MA student and librarian who actually only reads for the scifi stuff…

  • Ssw

    Hi James,
    I’ve been coming by about three three years now….sometimes twice a day.  Thank you for a wonderful blog!

  • Hello! I’m a missionary in Japan and sometime theology lecturer. I read via the CCBlogs aggregator.

  • mike miller

    Hi, I’m a PhD student in Jewish Studies at Nottingham University, UK

  • I’m always here reading and lurking, but tend not to comment.

  • Nathan

    Hi, I’m Nathan, a Scottish student who’s been reading your blog for about a year. Keep up the good blogging and have a happy Christmas.

  • Robert

    I’m a Methodist from Birmingham, UK. I read it all, including the SF stuff. I missed a lot of Doctor Who when it came out, but I’m gradually accumulating all the surviving stuff.

  • Brad Matthies

    “Na-Nu Na-Nu”

  • Timo S. Paananen

    I just want to note that if I left a comment for every post I like here, I would leave a lot of comments. And Merry Christmas!

  • sbh

    Hi. I read “Exploring Our Matrix” regularly and have for some time. I live in Portland, Oregon. I’m interested in the synoptic problem, the Nag Hammadi codices, early church history, and Dr. Who. I don’t belong to any church or religious organization. I have your site on my blogroll and usually get to it from there, though I often end up here following somebody else’s link.

  • LorenHaas

    Napa, CA resident and Calvary Chapel escapee currently appreciating a different, open minded American Baptist assembly. I read your blog at least once a day and share it on facebook frequently.

  • Anon.

    Hello, I’ve been a regular reader for about 1 year. A segment of the other blogs I read are written by mythicists, so I read yours in hopes of hearing some (non-inerrantist) counter-arguments to mythicism. However, I enjoy everything you write. Thanks.

  • Jay

    Hello from a daily reader who has moved from conservative evangelicalism to a pleasant agnoticism.  I very much enjoy your writing.

  • Casper Denck


  • geoffreycharles

    ay, guy.  nice blog

  • Robert

    I’m a PhD student at a conservative evangelical seminary who also is on staff at a Southern Baptist Mega-church. (Yep, not kidding) I enjoy your posts (but don’t get the Dr Who jokes) and the stimulating conversation. Though we might not agree on many things I appreciate your perspective and find it informative for my studies.

  • Neurotraveller

    I’m a regular reading compiling via RSSOwl. Keep up the great work!

  • Hello,

    Like a previous commenter, Gary, I’m an old guy who doesn’t automatically think of things like RSS feeds.

    I’ve become an atheist over the last several years…not out of anger or disillusion, but simple lack of evidence; but like skeptics generally, I’m particularly skeptical of my own thought processes; and I figure that if I didn’t check out blogs like yours several times per week, I’d never learn anything that I didn’t already know (or think I know).

    And besides, I’m a Doctor Who fan. 😎

  • Luke

    Greetings James,

    Yes, RSS subscription via Google Reader. Thank you very much for your writings – books and blog.

  • Aloha, Shalom, Allo, Bonjour, Salut, Hello, Hey, Hi, from an atheist reader

  • Nan B

    Lifelong devoted UCC, retired to a small Bible Belt coast town where Episcopal church is my only option, I follow this and a half-dozen other blogs in my late-life struggle with Christian theology. Never really had to do that before. Now caught between Nicene creed on one hand, doctrine-intoxicated evangelicals on the other. Not especially postmodern, I don’t always understand you but am very grateful for the blog.

  • skinman

    I’m an atheist and a sci-fi fan living in Castle Rock, CO.  I found your blog a number of years ago when you were posting a lot about Lost.  I book-marked it at that point and I stop by several times month.

  • Jessica Harmon

    I’m a linguistics undergrad applying to PhD programs. I watch scifi and read blogs while I should be doing my applications and term papers. I love your blog. 

  • Happy new year to you all! Let me get back to answering a few questions that were asked along the way…

    Dan, the plans for a paperback edition of The Only True God seem to have stalled with the economy. I think that the best things anyone can do to try to get the ball rolling with that again are (1) get their local library to order a copy (thus getting the book to sell) and (2) write to the publisher to express interest in there being a paperback version.

    Brian, did you see my separate post about the truncation of the feed? If you unsubscribe and then resubscribe using the feed (linked from the top right corner of the blog) you’ll stop getting truncated posts in your feed.

    If anyone would RATHER have a truncated feed, let me know – I’m sure there’s a way to give you that option!

    Mel, I’m glad you read this blog in spite of your having no love for Doctor Who. For others, its the only reason they come here! 🙂

    I’m so happy that so many of you have said hello and introduced yourselves. Please don’t anyone that happens along later treat this comment from me as though it is ending the period in which you can say hello and introduce yourselves!

  • Hi! I found your blog about a month ago and read it semi-regularly the old fashioned way, in the web browser.

    I’m a scientific programmer, lifelong SF fan (primarily books not media), MA theology student focusing on ecclesiology, Roman Catholic.

  • Eric C.

    I am a pastor from a large nondenominational church with a graduate education from a secular university. I read for both skeptical theology and the scifi. I subscribe via google reader and read your blog on my iPad using Reeder. Fantastic app by the way.