Favorite Science Fiction Music: Star Trek VI – The Undiscovered Country

Favorite Science Fiction Music: Star Trek VI – The Undiscovered Country February 27, 2012

There are a lot of soundtracks that I love – not only science fiction ones, I might add, and perhaps I will share some of my favorites non-sci-fi film music at some point. But there is a lot of science fiction music that is simply excellent, and which deserves to be better known. If I seem to neglect some obvious choices such as Star Wars, it is not because I love them less, but because I like to champion underdogs.

The music from Star Trek VI, composed by Cliff Eidelman, is an album I have long enjoyed listening to. Here is a sample:

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  • Ken Brown

    This has long been one of my favorites. Less memorable than Star Wars of course, but all-around a better soundtrack in my opinion.

  • skinman

    Most of the Star Trek movie soundtracks are great.  Wrath of Khan is my favorite.  I’m not crazy about the TV soundtracks.

  • Tim Webb

    Thanks for pointing this out. Eidelman’s score is overshadowed by those of Goldsmith and Horner in the Star Trek films, but it is a very worthy (and different) addition to an excellent collection of scores (except for the terrible scores for Star Trek IV and Star Trek Generations, of course). Eidelman’s score is dark and brooding, but very strong.