And the Winner is…

And the Winner is… March 31, 2012

The winner of the giveaway of a copy of Abraham Kuyper, Wisdom and Wonder, is commenter number 62…

By my count, that makes the winner Jason Gardner! (Feel free to double-check my counting if you are so inclined – we can have a Florida style recount if necessary). Congratulations, Jason, and please let me know where to have the book sent.

Let me also express my profound appreciation for Dan Wilkinson’s attempts to curry favor with me. Posting comments that included excerpts from Mandaean texts and from really old Genesis lyrics was absolutely the right way to butter me up. For the next giveaway, I promise to make it one where the book goes to the person who does the best job of pandering to the judge! 🙂

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  • Darn it! This just goes to show that hard work and determination never pay off! And let it be noted that Jason Gardner’s winning comment was “And again!”

    But thank you James for the chance…maybe next time!