Cappella Romana – Cherubic Hymn

Cappella Romana – Cherubic Hymn March 7, 2012

HT Kevin Edgecomb

Even though my musical tastes generally gravitate towards the late Romantic era, for some reason I also really love some much older music. If you enjoy Thomas Tallis, for instance, you will probably enjoy this Byzantine chant. I love the fact that the performers, Cappella Romana, have the sheet music for this piece and others they’ve recorded on their web site, in both Byzantine and standard notation, no less!

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  • Kevin Edgecomb

    I’m listening to the full recording now, which arrived today.  The whole thing is very much like Tallis, as you mention.  Very soothing.  The selection from the Akathist Hymn (track 12) is especially striking for a very unusual scale.  I recommend the whole thing!