Talpiot Tombs Latest (Including Fish-Reorientation and Unguentaria)

Talpiot Tombs Latest (Including Fish-Reorientation and Unguentaria) March 5, 2012

Here are some links to more blogging and reporting about the Talpiot tombs since my last round-up:

James Tabor posted about the “fish” image, in response to earlier comments and criticisms. He still views it as most likely a fish, spitting Jonah out downward. Tabor also updated his Bible and Interpretation article, and shared a post by Simcha Jacobovici on his blog.

Bob Cargill offered some questions about discrepancies between images of the ossuary and the fish/amphora. One answer offered is that some of the photos are of the replicas of the ossuaries that have been made on the basis of photos. UPDATE: Cargill has now offered a detailed discussion of how the manipulation of the images – perhaps with Photoshop but at least in their orientation – also manipulates those who see them.

Cargill also makes a pun, suggesting that perhaps we should call it the Tilapia Tomb. And Mark Goodacre asked what the appropriate conclusion to draw is if it “quacks like a fish.”

Joan Taylor on the ASOR blog and also Tom Verenna suggested that the image might be of an unguentarium, which seems the closest match so far. This is a possibility that Tabor has considered at length (see his piece in B&I), even though he in the end rejects it.

The ASOR blog continues to offer coverage.

Jim West blogged about Tabor’s appeal for cordiality.

Jeremy Myers illustrates how conservative Christians respond to the Talpiot tomb claims.

Matthew Paul Turner shared this video:

Other blog posts include those by Andrew McGowan, Mike Heiser, and Otagosh. And for Hebrew speakers, see Eldad Keynan’s news appearance.

This was in the “Best Photos of the Day” category on Art Daily Newsletter:

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