The Talpiot Tomb Jumps the Tropical Fish

The Talpiot Tomb Jumps the Tropical Fish March 21, 2012

Here’s the latest round-up on the Talpiot tomb discussion in the blogosphere.

The title of this post comes from a post by Bob Cargill which responds to the suggestion that the “fish” on one of the Talpiot ossuaries is inspired by a tropical fish. It includes this image which treats the logic of that claim facetiously but effectively.

Tom Verenna’s reference to “leaps in logic” is presumably a funny allusion to the phrase “jumping the shark.” Jim West mixes metaphors to drive a stake through the nail through the heart of the coffin ossuary.

James Tabor posted an example of fish imagery on an ossuary, as well as information about the technical side of exploring a tomb of this sort via camera. He also shared his latest thoughts on the James ossuary.

Steve Caruso notes that some photos used in publicity about the Talpiot tomb have dates in their metadata that don’t mesh with the purported timeline of the investigation.

This photo from 2008 provides perhaps the closest parallel yet.

Christopher Rollston discusses the Aramaic term Mara which featured prominently in the discussion a few years ago regarding Talpiot tomb A. He also offered a post about ancient belief in the resurrection, and a summary and restatement on the four-lined inscription.

Gregory Snyder responds to Rollston’s reading of the inscription mentioned above.

Mike Heiser also blogged about the aforementioned inscription and the discussion pertaining to it.

Mark Goodacre posted on which ossuary is which, and updated with photos.

Jim West gave an award for the dumbest headline about the James ossuary forgery trial.

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