If There is Gallows Humor, Can There Be Crucifixion Humor?

If There is Gallows Humor, Can There Be Crucifixion Humor? April 6, 2012

I came across this cartoon at The Far Left Side:

I am (as most readers know) open to attempts at humor that verge into territory that some might find irreverent. But this one simply didn’t seem all that funny to me.  Silly, yes, but not really funny.

As I reflected on why that might be, it struck me that perhaps I only appreciate humor that I think makes a useful point about Good Friday, or the historical Jesus, or Christian views of the atonement, even if making them through irreverent parody and satire. And so here are a few that I thought were funny, and made some sort of useful point in the process (including one that I’ve shared before).


Which, if any, do you find funny? What point, if any, do you take away from them? Or is this a topic about which you consider it inappropriate to make attempts at humor – and if so, why?


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