Mythicism and other Bunk around the Blogosphere

Mythicism and other Bunk around the Blogosphere April 28, 2012

Thom Stark blogged about Neil Godfrey’s reading comprehension (or lack thereof). In other news, Neil Godfrey complains that Bart Ehrman had trouble keeping track of which mythicists wrote which nonsense where.

Richard Carrier criticized Bart Ehrman of using rhetoric instead of argument (among other things), seemingly unaware of the irony. Tom Verenna unsurprisingly but disappointingly sides with Carrier on this.

Jerry Coyne continues to pit dubious sources against dubious sources while failing to give mainstream scholarship the attention it is due, or inform himself adequately from such reliable sources. If he were to learn something about the Church of the Holy Sepulcher it would do him good!

(For those interested in that topic, I discuss it in my book The Burial of Jesus: What Does History Have to Do with Faith?, which costs a mere $2.99).

In the category of views akin to mythicism that mythicists won’t like to be compared with, Mike Heiser announced that he will appear in a documentary debunking claims about ancient aliens.

Mark Goodacre has been accused of slander because of his criticisms of “The Jesus Discovery.” Joel Watts and Jim West also comment on the company that produced the documentary – and the accusations.

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