The Doubly Upside-Down Jonah Ossuary

The Doubly Upside-Down Jonah Ossuary April 16, 2012

Steve Caruso noticed that the supposed name of Jonah is upside-down on the ossuary. Of course, so is the supposed stick figure of Jonah himself. So is this two strikes against the idea that Jonah is depicted, or do they fit nicely together?

Rogue Classicism has a lengthy discussion of the documentary and its claims. (Jim Davila linked to it). Jim West noted that the documentary didn’t do very well, as far as ratings are concerned.

James Tabor offers an explanation of his understanding of resurrection as not requiring a person’s bones or body, and it is well worth reading, independently of the topic of Talpiot tombs.

Ben Witherington waited until the dust settled before chiming in on his blog.

The Greek Reporter went for a sensationalist account, as did the Sunday Tribune. Apparently the online article about the odds of Talpiot Tomb A being that of Jesus has been updated.

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