Quote of the Day (R. Joseph Hoffmann)

Quote of the Day (R. Joseph Hoffmann) June 24, 2012

Mythicism is not so much a conspiracy theory as a mass of cobbled  improbabilities that can only be compared to explaining the existence of a discovery by postulating that the scientist credited with  formulating it was really created by a mad scientist who invented the first and a  third who created the one who created him.  This is comparatively easy to do when all you have is the theory and an opinion about it.  After a dozen mad scientists have been postulated, however, you must ask where reality lies.  For mythicists, it seems, it doesn’t really exist anywhere. It certainly doesn’t exist anywhere near where the evidence points, and to think otherwise sullies your credentials as a skeptic.

R. Joseph Hoffmann, ““Born of a Woman”: Paul’s Perfect Victim and the Historical Jesus”

I think that later in the piece Hoffmann reads far too much of later Jewish polemic against Christians into Galatians 4:4. But that doesn’t affect his points about mythicism. Click through to take a look for yourself.

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