Second Temple Model

Second Temple Model June 19, 2012

I bought my son a wooden model kit of the Second Temple from the bookstore and gift shop at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Today he finished work on the construction, and so I thought I’d share photos of the result!

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  • Jeff

    I want one!!! My youngest would enjoy this almost as much as I would.

  • William J E Dempsey

    The desire to see this long-demolished temple reconstructed is so great, that you can get an account on iGoogle, that offers among other thematic options, a realistic seeming photo picture of the modern Mount … with the Jewish temple on top of it.

  • LightLady

    Too bad it doesn’t come with little action figures. 🙂

    • Gary

      I probably shouldn’t say this, but everything today is romanticized and disney-ized, with the bad stuff (blood) eliminated. Unless you’re watching a slasher movie. As I remember, Josephus said that about a million lambs were typically sacrificed during Passover in the temple. So my action figure would be Freddy Krueger, dressed in a priest’s outfit, with a right arm (+knife) swiveling at about one lamb/sec, with the appropriate blood draining down the front steps of the temple. I would also add a lot of heat from the boiling pot of body parts, and a nice aroma of blood and guts. Nice picture. Kind of like the ultimate “lamb” nightmare. And from the theological side, Jesus = lamb. Ooh, how I love the OT. NOT.

      • Gary

        Should correct my facts, 3M people, 256,500 lambs. But whatever.

  • Kaz

    Thanks for posting the pictures, James. Your son did a great job! I suppose it’s too much for me to expect that someone who might manufacture such a model would take at least some care in getting the proportions right. Oh, well, it’s attractive, even if it’s w-a-y off scale.