“Jesus, Take The Wheel” Day

“Jesus, Take The Wheel” Day July 9, 2012

Someone has created a Facebook event that seems to be aimed at ridding the world of those Christians who are anti-intellectual, illogical and gullible:

HT Scott Bailey and Hemant Mehta

What do readers think? Is this an excellent satire, a serious challenge, a joke in poor taste, a really good idea, or something else?


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  • Dear God, please tell me this is supposed to be a satire!

  • Elizabeth

    I don’t know if it is satire, but it is certainly not a good idea!

  • Dan Ortiz

    Really bad joke, the guy is an atheist…. so it is trolling really…

  • angievandemerwe

    I think he makes a point. But, will the point be taken as it is meant? I don’t think so, as believers are prone to defend their faith, no matter what!!! Messages such as this only “prove” to believers that they are being persecuted “for righteousness sake” and that
    Jesus told them they should expect the world to reject them…..

  • skinman

    I think it is excellent satire (it gave me a good laugh). But those gullible people you mentioned worry me. I think March 31, 2013 is a good day to stay at home. Just in case…

    • Blackness

      unless someone drives down your street and “jesus” drives their car into your house. lol

  • Guest

    How about instead of going on that page and telling them they are going to die, I go on that page and tell them they are going to kill people, including innocent children?