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More Posters July 28, 2012

The Facebook group “Christians Against the Tea Party” has turned a few more quotes from me into posters. Feel free to share them!



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  • angievandemerwe

    America’s giving to other countries is debated as a “good”, when we can’t affor our own bills. Politicians and humanitarians choose to give to the U.N. or other agencies (NGO and non profits) for these “good” causes… you assume that all Americans think it is a “good”…..

  • angievandemerwe

    National laws based on biblical principles are undermining the right of choice, which America has always valued. No one should be compelled to give, as choice is the ultimate moral value….Character is how one chooses to frame and live their life.

  • angievandemerwe

    Some believe since we are animals, then we must be trained out of our competivie natures, otherwise, our lower animal natures will create chaos, and disturb the social order….but competition is the ability to excell, as well as fight. We shouldn’t discourage competition….otherwise, let’s outlaw the Olympic Games!