Lecture on Genesis 1

Lecture on Genesis 1 August 21, 2012

I’ve recorded a brief lecture on the creation account in Genesis 1.

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  • Dr. David tee

    Given the biblical chronology of human existence, who do you think copied whom? Both Adam and Noah had the creation account first then passed it on to their descendants. as those descendants strayed from God, they began to write their accounts of creation according to their new found rejection of God and the truth.
    This is supported by all those former believers who have rejected God and the Bible and have taken up with false alternative accounts.
    Remember a good con must have elements of the truth in it or it doesn’t work and we know that all cults and false religions copy both large and small amounts of the Bible to make their lies seem the truth.
    Mormons did it, muslims did it, theistic evolutionists and progressive creationists did it. Not one instance will you find where the Biblical authors copied from a secular source. In fact, Chavalas and Younger in their edited book Mesopotamia and the Bible include a chapter that shows that the ancient babylonians were fervent copiers. The Israelites enjoyed no such reputation.

    • We have Mesopotamian sources that are older than our oldest copies of the Biblical stories. If you have older ones, please share them with the rest of us. If not, then know that you are merely making assertions which are not based on evidence. You can assume that there was a historical Adam and a historical Noah and they had accounts of these things. But unless you have evidence for such claims, then there is no reason why anyone should accept them, especially when the evidence we do have – including the Bible – points to a very different conclusion.

      • Dr. David Tee

        Oldest copy does not mean first written but since you dismiss the Bible and the truth there is no point in continuing the discussion with you. Evidence is not God’s criteria and that is the only criteria that counts. It must make your deceived life a lot easier when you dismiss other people’s arguments with a wave of the hand and refuse to be logical and rational.
        You will notice I pointed to an academic book with evidence in it yet you toss it aside like it was a wet rag. That tells me that you are not open to any point of view except your own. Can’t have discussion with such closed-minded people like yourself.

        • DR. David Tee

          P.S. You have no evidence that the Biblical authors copied from secular sources so practice what you demand of others.

        • Ken Gilmore

          >>Can’t have discussion with such closed-minded people like yourself.

          You owe me a new irony meter, David.

  • I find such simple beauty in Genesis. Thank you, Professor McGrath for posting this video.

    Had my ancestors gazed into the night sky, their myopic vision would have made the evening sky appear like one big blurry canopy. And then Genesis may have read like: “And God said, Let there be fuzzy halos of light that I’ll call stars, which if man didn’t have cataracts could see how they individually fill the vault of the sky to separate the day from the night.”