Maybe it should be the other way around…

Maybe it should be the other way around… August 26, 2012

My friend John Weightman wrote this in a comment on Facebook:

In the UK I have noticed that there appears to be a tendency for some people to want to 'roll back the state' when it involves being generous to the disadvantaged or the sick, but to want a bigger state when it comes to the military, the police or prisons. Now that seems to me to be just the opposite of what Jesus taught. Perhaps we should fund the military by charitable giving and street collections and the needy through our taxes.

I think that his point, and particularly the last sentence, gets at some important issues very nicely, and would have great potential to make its point through a poster:

“Perhaps we should fund the military by charitable giving…and the needy through our taxes.”

UPDATE: And, within a matter of minutes, on Facebook, this appeared:



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