Of Ponds, Angels, and Prayers

Of Ponds, Angels, and Prayers September 29, 2012

I am struck by the prayerful pose of Amy and Rory in this poster for tonight’s episode of Doctor Who, “The Angels Take Manhattan”:

As we fans of the show brace ourselves for tonight’s episode, feel free to discuss what you expect might happen, what you fear will happen, what you will be sorry if it never happened, and what you will miss most as things change when Doctor Who returns at Christmas, if not sooner.


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  • Just Sayin’

    If they’d only get rid of the loser in the middle.

    • No, the show just would not be the same without the TARDIS, and New York should keep the Chrystler building.

      But if somehow bizarrely you were referring to Matt Smith as the Doctor, I have to ask whether you disliked Patrick Troughton and Tom Baker too?

      • Just Sayin’

        Those two were good actors, as was Pertwee and Eccleston. This young bloke isn’t worthy of lacing their sandals in my opinion. It’s like having a teenager running around space being perpetually silly.

        • I don’t think he is being any sillier than Troughton or Baker. He is indeed young-looking – it annoys Jo Grant and River Song too, if its any consolation. But he manages to convey the major facets that pervade the Doctor from the first to the present: being like an overgrown child, capable of great severity and great whimsy and remarkable immaturity for an individual at least hundreds of years old. I think that Matt Smith is doing as wonderful a job of playing the role as anyone has. And of course, if it is the dialogue that bothers you, blame the writers and not the actor.

  • The Angels are so well known as one of the scarier aspects of Doctor Who, I sometimes forget that they simply send one back in time. Is that what’s in store for Amy and Rory?

    • It’s been suggested – and it would be cool if that meant that they got to raise Melody as a result!

      But the weeping angels can also turn people into weeping angels, can they not? And I think the poster looks worryingly like those in the middle are being turned into stone…

  • Leslie

    I’ve never really like Amy (audible gasp!) so I’m not sorry to see her go, but I will miss Rory. I don’t think he ever got to fulfill his potential as a companion. Truly, I don’t think I really ever got over what happened to Donna.

    However it ends, I hope I end up liking up Jenna-Louise Coleman better than Amy. And if not, at least River will still show up every once in a while.

    • Just Sayin’

      I agree, Amy Pond was a terrible assistant, one of the worst ever in my opinion. She was there for the legs only. Good riddance and don’t come back!

    • Totally disagree!
      Love the development of Amy, from childhood to the grave (how often do we see that in a companion?). Like Rose, she revelled in travelling with the Doctor and could be tough and decisive. At other times, she was the victim in need of rescue, but this too developed the role of the Doctor.
      I also loved the dynamic of having a married couple as the Doctor’s companions.
      And for crying out loud – she was ginger!

    • Louis Gonzales

      DONNA!! 🙁