Will You Vote Jesus or Barack Obama Into Your Heart

Will You Vote Jesus or Barack Obama Into Your Heart September 25, 2012

Matthew Paul Turner shared this bizarre piece of religio-political propaganda:

I wonder why this fundamentalist Christian isn't worried about people asking Mitt Romney into their heart as their personal lord and savior,,,


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  • Mike Aubrey

    Jesus Christ: the Lord and Savior from hell


    • He only spent three days there, so he can hardly claim he’s from there. 🙂

  • Kaz

    While the propaganda is certainly silly, I suspect that the propagandist is attempting to make a rhetorical point based on the fact that Obama was treated by the liberal media and others as a sort of Messiah. Romney hasn’t been treated that way, so it wouldn’t make much sense to make reference to him.

    • I guess Republicans have much lower standards for the treatment of Messiahs than Liberals do. I saw a lot of excitement, but if any Democrats or others who voted for Obama viewed him even quasi-messianically, then I would be disappointed with their response to him as not equalling their view.

      Is there any chance that this could be an instance of projection – of those who have tried to depict him as the Antichrist assuming that his supporters must have thought of him as worthy of worship? 🙂

      • Kaz

        Have you read Bernard Goldberg’s “A Slobbering Love Affair: The True (and Pathetic) Story of the Torrid Romance Between Barack Obama and the Mainstream Media”? The way many in the media fawned over the guy is almost surreal.

        • I’ve seen a fair amount of political and media fawning, and I can think of relatively few instances that seem to me to fit the description “messianic.”

          • Kaz

            Have you read Goldberg’s book? I think that “messianic” is used hyperbolically for rhetorical purposes, just as Goldberg humorously refers to him as “The One.”

          • I haven’t, but I wonder if he also wrote a satirical account of Obama’s birth patterned on Luke’s account of Jesus’ birth?

    • Jason

      I have been a big Obama supporter but never considered him a Messiah figure, not even metaphorically. I have only heard Republicans telling me and others that we are treating him like a Messiah figure.

  • John in VA

    I think that Romney has the messianic complex, not President Obama:

    On Sunday night [January 8, 2012], inside a packed gymnasium at Exeter High School, Romney’s wife, Ann, recalled how she overcame her misgivings about her husband’s decision to run for president.
    “I said, ‘Mitt, can you save America?'” she recalled. “And he said, ‘Yes.'”


    • Kaz

      He was likely referring to the fact that he intends to save the U.S. from the financial ruin towards which many fear that the nation is currently headed, which doesn’t really have “messianic” implications.

      In reference to Obama, it seems that “messiah” is applied to him by some as a rhetorical device to highlight the manner in which he’s been treated by his supporters, especially the liberal media, not necessarily because of his own view of his purpose in the world. Bear in mind that I’m speaking about the political dialogue that is happening among educated and otherwise sane people, not the idiocy that emerges from the minds of the unstable.

  • HealthySkeptic

    Many on the right ACTUALLY believe that Obama is the “anti-christ” (see polls and articles written since he was elected) and then attempt to project their moronic mindset upon others with claims about people worshipping Obama who are simply excited about a seemingly fresh, charismatic, genuine guy in a field of jack-ass, do nothing, self absorbed and only self interested so-called political “leaders”. You want to see historical revisionistic “savior” worship? Ask any Republican or right winger about Ronald Regan and you’d think you missed the 2nd coming with their fawning and pathetic drivel of how great he was and how perfect things were “back then”. Uhhh, most of us were actually alive in the 80s and can also read; unlike the mouth breathers who depend on select radio and TV for their “thoughts”. It all goes with their simplistic, wilfully uneducated, scared sheep mentality that most religious conservatives possess. Oh no, I said “possess”, someone call a priest to perform an exorcism.