Excellent Speech on Gay Rights

Excellent Speech on Gay Rights October 19, 2012

Via Gawker (HT Joel Watts on Facebook) I heard a brief speech before the Springfield City Council about homosexuality and gay rights, delivered by Rev. Phil Snider of Brentwood Christian Church in Missouri. Listen to it all the way to the end.

UPDATE: Others have since shared the video, including Bob Cargill, who adds some further commentary and discussion.

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  • Gary

    Amazing Grace.

  • I can’t believe the guy actually admitted to plagiarism and it only hurts his cause that the sermons he plagiarized supported an issue – racism – that has never enjoyed moral status.

    • You might benefit from learning more about the history of Christian racism, and the history of Christian support for slavery. I guess that is why the conservative approach to the Bible manages to continue to be taken seriously by so many people – if you wait long enough, people forget where that approach led in the past, and so don’t realize when they are mirroring past stances of which they would be deeply ashamed – if they had enough historical knowledge to know about them.

      • rmwilliamsjr

        i know of no better insight in the Christian polemic for slavery than Defense of Virginia by Robert Dabney. a perusal of the websites offering the book online offers an insight in the neo-confederate world and how Biblical hermeneutics ties into it.

        • Gary

          I think I am very afraid. A quick check of googling the websites, seems to show many actually supporting “Defense of Virginia” logic, and actually proud of the fact. Someone left the gate open, and all the crazies are getting in.

          • rmwilliamsjr

            rule 1: never underestimate your competition.

            they are not crazy, they believe some set of propositions that is really wrong.

    • Ian

      Erm… I think you missed the point there.

      Unfortunately, while the speech was very clever and very apt, and right up our street as academically and historically minded liberals, I feel that it would probably be as lost on most people as it was on dear Ennis, here. And perhaps a significant proportion walked out of the room only remembering that he, among a steady stream of Christian pastors, spoke out forcefully against gay marriage.

      Does ‘clever’ win popular arguments? Well.. it does make for good videos.