Job Creation: The Beginning

Job Creation: The Beginning October 29, 2012

This cartoon from The New Yorker came to my attention via Facebook:

The comments on the Facebook page were interesting, with many pointing out that the perspective of Genesis is that God did create jobs for Adam and Eve: gardening.

But is it the job of God or government to create jobs for human beings? And if the human beings in question are required to work in specific jobs they cannot choose for themselves, isn't that Communism? And if it is a question of doing manual labor picking fruit for no pay, there are, I am told, plenty of such jobs around – but they are not what most people have in mind when they talk about “job creation.” 🙂


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  • angievandemerwe

    People will go to any extent to control others. Those that love power are to be held accountable, otherwise, we will all be serving “The Powerful One” at his bequest!

  • As a society, we have chosen to invent laws for ourselves that define our vocations:

    Laws about paying income taxes.
    Laws about property and land use.
    Laws prohibiting or regulating hunting or farming (the professions that sustained humans for millenia).
    Laws about what jobs are banned: e.g. the selling of our bodies (the second oldest profession?), and certain substances.
    Laws about acceptable currency.
    Laws about who we can marry (marriage, including polygamous marriage, has, for milenia, been a way creating vocational partnerships as well as preserving or gaining land and possessions.

    Since society (in the form of government) creates such limiting regulations on how we, as humans, sustain ourselves and our families (by getting jobs), society is responsible for making jobs available. If humans cannot sustain themselves, they will rebel against the society that makes it impossible for them to sustain themselves.

  • But God created Jobs, and Jobs created the Apple, and look what happened: now even AAR/SBL is in bondage to its apps!

  • Aaron Basko

    God is still creating jobs for people, we just don’t often ask which jobs we were created to do. We each have a blue print (that’s God’s part) and our task is to figure out where that purpose can be used. When we are working within that purpose we find satisfaction and maximum impact. So the question (as always) is, “Do we trust God to know what is best for us?”